Last minute hiccups

When I went to Crete in the Santa Fe, I stuck a blind spot mirror on and looked under the car to make sure there was indeed a spare tyre where there was supposed to be one, and that was the full extent of the preparations. When I went to Norway in Jag I did a bit more as you can't entirely trust a Jag to go when you want it to, so had it serviced first just to make sure. On a scooter this time it was due a service so I did that, had a SatNav fitted, and as the tread on the back tyre was getting a tad low, had a new tyre fitted as precaution. That's proper preparations that is, I was quite proud of myself.

And isn't it always the sodding way...! £160 for a new tyre and fitting and it has been on less than a week and only 48 hours until I set off, it has a puncture. I haven't had a puncture for about 12 years in the car, but stick a new tyre on the bike and within hours down it goes. 

I called the lovely people at Frasers in Gloucester and they ordered me a tyre in so off I went this afternoon to get that done, and guess what, I got on the bike to head down and the handbrake has gone on it now! The brakes are fine so that's OK but unlike most bikes the Burgman has a handbrake as well which is pretty handy when it comes to parking on slopes - that little bit of extra comfort that it won't go rolling off down the hill by itself. And I expect the Alps to be pretty slopey. Being slopey is kind of the point of them.

Frasers took pity on me and had a look at that as well while doing the tyre, in which by the way they found a massive rusty nail sticking right through - no wonder it was going down.

As a precaution I really must buy one of those spray-can tyre-repair things on the way home. Hopefully that's all the problems out of the way now. Fingers crossed.