Review: Henning Wehn

This was definitely a night of contrasts as Henning Wehn is undoubtedly a very funny and very talented comedian, but I have to say the second half of the show did veer into ‘troubling’ a little too much. A lot of Henning’s humour is based on nationality, which is perfectly fine if you are making a joke about either yourself, so in his case the Germans, or your audience, so British. And in Cheltenham’s case, VERY British. But when you start making jokes about other nationalities which aren’t there you have to be very careful as it easily crosses that boundary where all of a sudden he sounds like a 2019 German version of 1980s Jim Davidson.

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Review: Vampires Rock - Ghost Train

If you like the sound of a bonkers vampire story told via the medium of classic rock music, compered by a sarcastic northerner then Vampires Rock is just thing you have been looking for. Vampires Rock is a touring theatre production created by Steve Steinman, and is very much a show and not just a touring covers band. The show is a visual and auditory spectacle, with a superb stage set, lighting, a properly top-quality band (it is all live, no backing tracks here), dancers, singers and fire eaters.

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