Day 20: France. A lot of France.

Today was a day of driving, a lot of driving, covering 679 miles heading from Lucerne in Switzerland to right over France  to Brittany. 

As my hotel was up on a pass above Lucerne, the first part was to head back down to the town, where the clouds were hanging low over it.  


From there it's a fairly short run to Basle where you go through a tunnel, pop out towards the suburbs of the town and come to the French border. You don't even stop here, just drive round a chicane thing and that's it, you're in France. 

France was then just a long motorway blast, up towards Lyon, Paris, Le Mans, Rennes, out to Brittany to see Most Esteemed Father in Law, then back over to the St Malo area for the night.   

This moody looking beastie on the hill is Chateauneuf, but not a bottle of pape in sight sadly. 


France, what to say about my trip through France? "Yaaaaawn". That'll do. It's green, it's pleasent enough, but from a motorway, as with the UK, it's generally rather uninteresting. 

Fair play to them on those motorways though - you pay quite a bit in tolls compared to other countries but in all that time they were always smooth, and for the most part, pretty much empty. And the Aire rest-break areas every 10 minutes or so are great and we should have those at home. 


The strange thing with France though is that it always appears to be dead. At about 8.30 on a very sunny Friday evening I drove on back roads through several villages and a couple of small roads and didn't see a soul. After Greece and Italy where there are people everywhere, France looks like they all just got up and decided to leave but didn't tell anyone. 

Not a lot else to say on today's trip as it was pretty much ten hours sat in a car so there's not much material to be gleaned from that!

Tomorrow (Saturday) is about five hours over to Calais, through the tunnel and back into Blighty where I expect toe met with the national anthem and a guard of honour.