Not the only Brit entering Albania

Another hour or so today of that all-important planning. 

First up was a review of the insurance requirements to make sure I'd got it right. Insurance is mandatory, unsurprisingly, to get into Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania, but just to keep things interesting I've totally failed to find any UK insurance company who will cover these countries, short-term or long-term. But no problem - it seems when you enter Albania for example there is a hut on the side of the road from where you can buy insurance, although the price seems to vary depending on whether you look like a nice chap or not. Oh well, I will wing it and see what happens!

On a slightly more depressing note, I have had it in my head that this trip is a bit off the beaten track, something a little different, maybe even a little challenging, if only in terms of how long I can stay sat in one car seat. Imagine my surprise then when opening the current issue of the Caravan Club Magazine to see that their featured destination this month is... Albania. Brilliant, the road into the country is going to be like the M5 to Devon on a bank holiday weekend, with the roadside cafes full of people called Geoff and Joyce who dress for dinner each evening in their Bailey Challenger Conquistador Marauder 416. Although we shall, ahem, quickly gloss over how I come to be receiving and reading the aforementioned Caravan Club Magazine. Some deviances are best left deep in the closet...

What else has gone on recently? I did decide that telling my credit card company I was off on a bit of a round trip may be a wise precaution as I don't want them to randomly stop the card for some security check when I've just filled up with diesel somewhere. Unfortunately I failed the security questions so they put a stop on my card for 48 hours anyway! If I get the mistakes out of the way now then once I leave next Sunday things can only go more smoothly!


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