Penultimate Sitia day

On Sunday the drive back starts in earnest, while today we've just been pootling around Sitia. We did come a cropper with the whole 'parking on a roundabout is perfectly fine' thing in the afternoon when we followed a pickup over a junction, only for him to stop in the middle of the road, stick his hazards on, and nip off to do some shopping. The only way out for us was to reverse back across the dual carriageway again and have another go. Even the rozzers were parked on the roundabout with their hazards on today. And I saw a bloke on a scooter driving down the main road rather impressively carrying a tray of drinks in one hand without spilling a drop!


In other news, today the 15 year old Greek child staying up the road used my phone to take selfies of himself by the swimming pool. I have instructions to send them to him so he can make said photos available to similar aged Greek girls. I want this acknowledged and out there now so when the Greek police stop me at the border on Monday we've established my non-Operation Yewtree fodder credentials in advance!

It's also been more windy today so the waves were really rolling in along the beach. I stood watching them from the roadway which is about 6 feet above the beach but unfortunately, (honest guv) I hadn't noticed the topless young woman sunbathing right in front of me. It seems my lingering stare was long enough to intimidate her into getting up and putting her top on again and no doubt setting up a confirmation rumour among all beach inhabitants to watch out for that British sex pest who lurks about to have a good leer at people. 

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