Day 15: The Return Commences

After a week of idling, the return journey started with a run to Heraklion to off-load Good Lady Wife #1 at the airport, then killing time until my evening ferry. And having first signs of the male menopause.

On the wireless:

  • What I believe may (or may not) be called Dub Reggae. CD from Manos and very good it is too. 
  • Pitbull (blame Good Lady Wife #1)
  • Erasure - 80s poptastic marvellousness
  • Windows Weekly podcast. As geeky as it sounds.  

My manliness is very much in question now as over a week ago I tried to use an air-line at a garage to check tyre pressures and ended up with less air in there than I started and I've still not quite got it right yet. After dropping the part-timers off at the airport I decided to head over to Rethymno which is about an hour away from Heraklion. On the way I stopped at a garage and decided to remedy the part-deflated tyre and check the rest. I successfully inflated the one I'd let down a bit previously then went to check the other three. This time I connected the air hose and started filling the tyre, then blew up the air hose! The pipe split and shot off the end of the nozzle, so I checked nobody was looking, confirmed they weren't, and legged it. The sodding tyres can go back to my usual levels of care - ignore them until they no longer look round or until a mechanic in overalls tells me they have as much grip as an ice cube on a window. 

This car in the airport car park did get my attention - parked up, got the bags out of the back, thought 'forget it, that'll do' and headed off somewhere! 


Rethymno itself was as charming as ever, and was a welcome chance to play with the drone again. 

From there, it was back to Heraklion and I did have something approaching a medical emergency on the way. It was a good 30 degrees outside and while driving back the aircon cooled things down nicely. However, one's posterior was most definitely not cool, to the point it began to be of some concern - is there such a thing as the male menopause, does it have hot flushes, and is this right at my tender young years? After a few minutes of mild concern I noticed I'd been driving with the heated seat on full power for the last half an hour.

In related news, while distracted by a slowly roasting backside I did get flashed by a speed camera when doing about 38 in a 30 area on the main road. Fingers crossed they think it's too much trouble to send a fine to Britain! Mind you, I was the only person doing less than about 80!


I am proud to say I have become just a little bit more Greek over this week. I arrived at the port at about 5.30 for my 10pm crossing and saw the ferry was already in and decided no good Greek person would expect to wait so you must just drive on. I confidently and without hesitation drove onto the quayside and up into the ferry and said a cheery 'hello' to a man in a white uniform inside it. Mr White Uniform politely told me the ferry was not open yet and boarding would not begin until 6.30 and I needed to back out of the ship again!

Long day tomorrow - arrive in Pireas at 6am, then drive up to Igoumenitsa up towards the Albanian border and get the 1am ferry to Italy.

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