As something of an itinerant wanderer, I love sitting in a car or on my scooter and just going somewhere, a journey where the point of it is the journey itself rather than the destination. That sense of connection you get heading off from the UK and driving to somewhere like Greece or Italy, as you see the landscapes change and become more typically mediterranean, which feels so much more connected to home than jumping on a plane and flying from A to B. It doesn't always go quite to plan of course, meaning you do have a tendency to end up lost at dusk on a dirt track in the Albanian mountains, or making a 120 mile detour in Norway to get through two meter high snow drifts, or riding a scooter up the Alps and starting your trip in hot sun and by lunchtime be riding through snow and hail at 0 degrees. But that all adds to the fun! 

Done in 2014, this is the blog of a long old drive from Tewkesbury to Crete, via Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Italy, Switzerland and France. As this was my first long trip I successfully managed to get lost in Albania, find myself among vineyard hookers in Italy and temporarily become a Spartan in Greece. The chariot of choice for this trip was a trusty Hyundai Santa Fe which despite a complete lack of any preparation at all, performed flawlessly.

This 2015 trip to Scandinavia was done in one week, involving a long blast from Tewkesbury to Hamburg on day 1, then a meander through Denmark, part of Sweden and Norway, with the added complication this time of a pair of elderly passengers. The trusty steed this time was a Jaguar XF, a car which I discovered has a maximum speed governed not by the engine but by how much disapproving air can be sucked in between the teeth of the backseat passenger...

A complete change of vehicle for this 2017 eight day trip, with the car being swapped for a the two wheels of a scooter, a Suzuki Burgman 650 to be precise. This trip was down through Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, then into the Alps in Austria, down to Lake Garda in Italy, then back up into the Alps and across into Switzerland and then back up through France. A fantastic trip of mountains, glaciers, snow, lakes, sun and endless windy twisty roads, with a blog done each evening.